The silence lab

‘Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.’

We started the Silence Lab in the spring of 2018. With it's founding we got the opportunity to experiment with the value of silence in the public domain. We design physical, social and individual tools and applications that enhance the conscious presence, wellbeing and quiescence in both work and city environments. 

Our initiative was born out of our previous experience in developing business, cultural and social environments for a wide range of organisations. We worked both for cultural venues (musea, concerthalls, libraries, television), social institutions (youth work, schools, hospitals) as well as business (gathering spaces, flex environments, pr-pavillions). In most of our work we sensed a longing for balancing the dynamic, story-rich, go-go-go attitude of the day with something that enhances wellbeing, presence and a feeling of being there.  

Today we find that there is a true hunger in the Netherlands for understanding how to cope with the overflow of information, restlessness and sensitive input. The organisations and people we meet share our desire to develop rituals, tools and activities that bring people together in a more reflective and presence filled space. Our initiative to start the Silent Lab hooks in on this LONGING. 

We now have the opportunity to design practical tools and applications that enhance silence and presence in the public domain. Our work helps our clients to take the first steps in this. E.g. we are working with a social initiative to create new “presence” spaces  in the centre of town. We are  engaged in setting up a project to reduce burn-out through preventative design inside an organisation. We are facilitating experimental gatherings where the value of “being presence” is explored. And we are in the process of setting-up a media production facility to share our findings and inspiration.

We are very interested in collaboration with like-hearted initiatives. Please get in touch if there's anything you feel to share with us.